Saray Livestock Inc.

Animal Breeding operations are carried out at Beef Cattle, Breeding and Dairy cattle Husbandry operations located in Kayseri and Adana.


Main purpose in the operations is to breed beef cattle and livestock and produce raw milk in world standards.

Livestock Breeding Operations

Kayseri / Develi

The facilities based in Develi, Kayseri contain modern cattle sheds with semi-open milking stations, delivery room, newborn unit, calf rearing areas, yearling paddocks, milking stations and fodder storages.

There are currently a total of 5.000 cattle together with 1.600 dairy cattle consisting of Holstein cattle species at the Livestock Dairy Cattle Breeding operations with an installed capacity of 6.000 cattle. Pregnancy is created by artificial insemination method in our herd so as to increase the average milk yield per animal and to maintain and improve herd genetics.

The herd management program is applied at the facility, which has semi-open and open system animal shelters. All animal movements, productivity statuses and veterinary practices are monitored and checked via computer programs within the herd management system.


Milking cows are housed in semi-open sheds with free stops. All of the female animals in the operation are fitted with magnetic sensors. In this way; the periods of heat (desire for mating) and animal movements can be monitored and herd management practices can be performed based on this data.

Calf Rearing

Calf Feeding System and igloos

At Saray Ciftligi (the Saray Farm) adopting the principle of “Quality of milk and meat is directly related with the proper dietary needs and appropriate feeding system used for the calves”, modern methods are employed to feed the calves, with a particular attention paid to the rearing of calves.

Among these applications, calf movements and feed consumption habits are controlled with computer and monitored daily. Calf feeding is done automatically by means of computer-aided machines.


Male and female animals shelter in the same group until they are 6 months’ old and after they get 6 months’ old, they are taken to separate living space by their genders. Artificial insemination of the females starts only after they get 14 months’ old.

Milking Stations/Parlours

Milking is performed in two different milking parlours capable of milking 128 cows simultaneously, which have the fastest milking speed in Turkey, modernised with Afimilk herd management system, one the parlours is 40 x 2 and the other is 24 x 2. Milking parlours are composed of stop-sections operate independently from each other.


It was our facility that used AfiLab, a cutting-edge online milk analyses device ever invented in the world, in the milking parlors equipped with SAC milking machine and Afimilk herd management system, for the first time in Turkey.

By means of this device, the milk of the milked animals is analyzed in each milk and it can be examined individually in terms of fat, protein, lactose, urea values, somatic cell number and ketone body.

Beef Cattle Breeding Operations

Kayseri – Adana

The breeding facilities based in Yesilhisar, Kayseri and Karatas, Adana includes semi-open system comfortable and modern animal paddocks, quarantine sheds, forage plant, silage and fodder storages.

Kayseri/Yesilhisar Beef Cattle Breeding Operations

The breeding facilities based in Yesilhisar, Kayseri and Karatas, Adana includes semi-open system comfortable and modern animal paddocks, quarantine sheds, forage plant, silage and fodder storages.


Our Cattle Breeding operation based in Yesilhisar, Kayseri has a total capacity of 17.000 cattle. The open system model is implemented in our modern breeding facility. Our operation comprises feeding paddocks, quarantine sheds, dry hay, concentrate fodder and silage storages over 170.000 m2 indoor space.

Adana/Karatas Beef Cattle Breeding Operations

Built over a 300.000 m2 land in Adana, our Cattle Breeding operation has a total capacity of holding 15.000 cattle. Our operation comprises feeding paddocks, quarantine sheds, dry hay, concentrate fodder and silage storages over 150.000 m2 indoor space.


The preparation and distribution of the fodders given to the animals in our Adana and Kayseri breeding operations is done via computer-supported feed mixing and distributing devices.


Giving the highest yield from unit area and deemed as the best roughage thanks to the beneficial nutrients it contains, Corn is grown in our own fields and silaged before it is served to the cattle as quality feed.

Compost Fertilizer (Manure)

Adana/Kayseri Compost Processing Plant

Thanks to ventilated systems used in composting technology, high-quality composite fertilizer becomes ready for use within 6-8 weeks. The fresh fertilizer, which is released with a certain ratio of dry matters, are taken into fans area to ensure it is composted within a period of 4-6 weeks (under normal conditions), after which it is taken into the maturation unit and rested for 2-4 weeks, at the end of which the end-product is derived, ready for shipment.


Composite Fertilizers are Used in the Fields

Obtained through animal-based production, our organic fertilizers (manure), which become ready following 1-year fermentation period, are  used in our farm lands after the harvesting, applying approximately 4 tons/da. Therefore, the usage of chemical fertilizers has been reduced by approximately 40%. Prior to planting in our fields, soil samples are taken (1 unit for each 30 decares) and sent for analysis and the most appropriate fertilizer is determined based on the results of such tests.


Top-level hygiene conditions are ensured at our facility, which holds all quality certifications rearading the food production. In all production phases ranging from storage to packaging to raw material to products, necessary inspections and audits are performed within the framework of food safety management system without compromising the hygiene rules. Hygiene is a must for us.

Slaughterhouse/Meat Processing Plant

Slaughterhouse and Advanced Meat Packing Facilities

At the largest and most advanced Slaughterhouse and Meat Processing Plant in Turkey, the food products are produced under the brand “Saray Ciftligi” paying particular importance to “trust”, by contributing to the living and health qualities of the people in our country. The facilities equipped with advanced technology have an outdoor space of 40.000 m2 and a indoor space of 16.000 m2 in total.


Slaughterhouses are capable of processing 500 bovine/day and 1.500 ovine/day. The cattle due for slaughtering are brought to the facility one day prior to butchering where they are given a rest and applied stress relieving programs. Following the ante-mortem examination performed by the Vets, butchering operation is performed under uppermost hygienic conditions in accordance with Islamic rules.

Meat Processing Plants

It has a capacity of producing and packaging 60.000 kg of product/day. The facilities possess 3500 m2 cold rooms having the state-of-the art technology of today.The delicious sausage of Saray Ciftligi, which is made of the quality spices prepared by drying in the environments meeting the hygienic and natural conditions, adds zest to your dining table.


Pastrami, which is one of the most profound flavors of our culture, is prepared using the precious meat of Saray Farm with the methods of shocking, salting, pressing, drying and covering with the cumin prepared using the top-quality spices and as a result of laborious process, this yummy food is obtained. The pastrami, which can be consumed raw or cooked according to desire, is produced by meeting all hygienic requirements by employing the traditional production method.


That smell of meat coming from the kitchen of your grandma turns to reality in the form of fried meat (kavurma) thanks to Saray Ciftligi. Kavurma which is made by frying the meticulously selected meat in high-wall cooking vessels in high heat, is a healthy, delicious and very practical product offered to the consumers.

Dairy Plant

Milk Processing Plant


Privilege offered by the quality of milk..


We feed our cattle on the quality forage we grow organically so that the consumers can enjoy the purest, natural and delicious milk and milk (dairy) products. The high-quality milk obtained from the cattle, for which no antibiotics are used, are conveyed to our milk factory just in 15 minutes and we turn them into the products of Saray Ciftligi at our manufacturing plant that has top hygienic standards.


Modern technology is used at the milk factory based in the Develi, Kayseri and all operations from milking to transportation to pasteurization to processing are performed automatically and by meeting the high hygienic conditions.


Thanks to the milk factory, which is built among the facilities where 45 tons of milk is derived a day, we proudly have a privilege and advantage as we preserve the freshness, quality and taste of the milk in the course of entire process before it is transformed into the end-products in the production, without losing its quality whatsoever. More than 40 different products are produced at the facility, where vacuumed packaging and packing and bottled brine production are performed.


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