Saray Carpet whose foundations of its success story were laid in Develi, Kayseri in 1972 is one of the most powerful companies in the machine-made carpet sector today thanks to its production capacity, wide product range, export and technological advantages.


Saray Carpet Production Facilities is the most modern integrated factory of the sector owing to Dyeing, Yarn Weaving, Finishing – Garment, Quality Control and Technical Support units built over 500.000 m² of outdoor and 100.000 m² of indoor space.


Saray Carpet, which keeps renewing itself with the principle of continuous development and maintaining its leading position in its sector, Saray Carpet exports to a number of countries around the world, as well.

Yarn Production Technology

Yarn Production Technology

The wool, acrylic and polypropylene yarn used in our carpets are made at our own plant. Yarn production involves the use of state-of-the art technology, which is renewed continually.
Carpet Design

Carpet Design

The models and patterns of the carpets are designed by experienced designers in our design workshops. The carpets which are made in various thicknesses and thousands of pattern and colour varieties are offered to the consumers with the advantages of quality, aesthetics and affordable prices.
Weaving Technology

Weaving Technology

Carpet making is carried out at the weaving looms equipped with cutting edge technology, and electronic jacquard feature, capable of weaving 16 different colors.
Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

Saray Carpet Inc. is deemed as one of the major carpet producers in Turkey, with its Head Office carrying out operations in Istanbul, Regional Marketing Offices and over a 1000 sales offices.


Saray Hali’s strategy in competition is to offer new products containing technological innovations in machine-made carpets to the consumers as soon as possible considering the market conditions and customer demands.


Arge/Resarch And Development

Saray Hali’s strategy against its competition is to constantly produce innovative products and fulfil the needs of its customer base without delay. As well, we make it our priority to streamline the management of our in house design and R&D. And to ensure the sustainability of such practice and business ethic within our fimm, we constantly reward our team members at all levels who partake in education and training programs including the use of the 6 Sigma System.

We are Environment Friendly

At Saray Carpet, the very first treatment plant of the Middle East was built in 1994 with the understanding of “Respect the Environment = Respect the Human” and also Biological Treatment Plant was put into operation in 2009 along with the improving awareness of the environment. Saray Carpet, which contributed to the environment with 50.000 trees it has planted to date, fulfils its Corporate Social Responsibility regarding the environment.


Atatürk Mahallesi, Atatürk Blv. No:13, 34750 Ataşehir/İstanbul

+90 216 574 26 15

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