Saray Agriculture Inc.

Founded in 1998, Saray Tarim ve Hayvancilik adopts it as a Mission to ensure quality forage crop growing and maintain animal welfare, for “food safety from seeds to dining table”.


The first steps in the agriculture and stockbreeding sector were taken gradually by putting the forage crop production, dairy cattle and beef cattle breeding businesses into operation.  We have grown rapidly with continuous investments and today, we managed to become one of the largest integrated businesses in our country and Europe by also maintaining the integration with meat and dairy processing plants.


We attach great importance to the further success and growth of these large investments we have made in Turkish agriculture by combining our mental and material strength heartily. As part of our objectives, we believe that the growers, breeders and entrepreneurs who observe these operations and have some level of knowledge will turn to modern livestock breeding and scientific agriculture and thus, we aimed to contribute to the agriculture sector in our country.

We also strive for the development of modern animal husbandry and agriculture in the regions our businesses operate. We contribute to the fact that these investments can become prevalent at regional and national level, with the idea that becoming successful on our own will not mean anything.


We are working hard to make the meat and dairy products produced at Modern Meat Processing Plant and Milk Factory under the brand of Saray Ciftligi which places special emphasis on “trust”, one of the popular brands preferred by the customers, to deliver our products to the dining tables in the most natural form and to become a global brand.

Crop Production

A feeding system is implemented at our Beef Cattle and Milk Cattle Breeding operations by taking the dietary requirements of the livestock into consideration. 85% of around 650 tons of roughage and concentrate feed consumed in our operations per day is grown in 25.000 da. of farming field owned by our corporation, located in the town of Karatas, Adana and the towns of  Yesilhisar and Develi, Kayseri.


Mostly silage corn is grown in the fields used to grow forage crops. In addition, lucerna (alfalfa), wheat, fodder corn seed, vetch-grain mixture and setaria are produced. Modern machinery and equipment are used for planting and harvesting operations.


Cutting-edge technology irrigation systems, such as linear irrigation, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation, are used in our farm lands. Daily evaporation is measured using Class A evaporating pans fitted in certain locations and actual moisture is measured by means of tensiometers, to figure out the need of irrigation for the plants. These systems enable the use of underground waters in the most efficient manner, which is of vital importance for our future.

All of the concentrate feed used in our operations is prepared by our own Feed Factories. Our Feed Factories include 19 20.000-ton grain capacity steel silos.

At the Laboratory of our facility, all essential analyses are performed for the products grown as part of our Crop Production Activities and the feedstocks purchased and in this way, the prices of the feedstocks can be determined based on their quality during the purchasing stage. Furthermore, Laboratory analyses are also utilized in determining the proper harvesting time of the crops frown and preparing the feed rations.

Similarly, daily analyses are performed for the milk produced at our plants, in an attempt to observe the parameters which affect the quality of raw milk, such as fat, protein, dry matter, lactose ratios, number of somatic cells, residues of aflatoxin and antibiotics, etc. and these are thereafter brought under record within the framework of the ISO 22000 Food Safety System.


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