It all started in the mid-60s with a modest mine pit near the small mountain town of Aladag, formerly Karsanti, on the foothills of Taurus Mountains. Necati Kurmel and his cousin Ataman Fedai named their tiny mining Company after “PINAR” with an inspiration from a nearby spring (Pinar). Great efforts and hard work of its entrepreneurs carried the mine of Pinar to the overseas markets in a very short time.


Located at the junction of Abdulah Creek and Dogan Stream in the north of Aladag, the plant was first built in 1972 and then expanded in 2007 and has a capacity of 400.000 tons/year. The plant is capable of processing chromite ores with a grade of 5-8% Cr2O3 and producing 40.000 tons of concentrate chromite ore with a grade of 48% Cr2O3.


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