Carrying out production using state-of-the-art technology as the leading ore producer in Turkey and the World, Akmetal has entered into a strategic partnership with Canadian Pasinex Resources Limited and founded Horzum Inc. for a competitive advantage in the world’s mining industry.


HORZUM ZINC SITE, which has been operated by Adana Mining Inc. since 1970s, was able to produce and sell around 12-15 tons of directly-sellable Zinc ore in the early years.


In the later years, ore production continued and then it was sold to Cinkur. In 1985, a flotation plant was built and 35.000 tons of sulphide ore/year was produced and processed till late 1997.


The operations discontinued between 2001-2012 and exploration, survey and production operations continue non-stop at the sites opened since 2012. Approximately 1 million tons of ore was produced at Horzum Zinc Site till 2016 and ore production continues increasingly in 2017.

Located in the town of Kozan, Adana, Pinargozu Zinc site produces directly sellable ores. Upon the mining operations that began in 2014, approximately 75.000 tons of 35% grade zinc ore was produced and exported till the end of 2016 and making a contribution of 25 Million Dollars the national economy. High-grade sphalerite and galena production, consisting of 15% of the total production, is carried out at the new galleries at level 670, which began operations in 2016.


180 tons of directly sellable high-grade ore/day is produced at the operations where 450 persons are employed, a production of ship ore of is made.


Mineralization forms at Pinargozu -Horzum site consist of Sulphide and on-site oxidized Zinc-Lead. Recrystallised limestones of mainly Caltepe formation of Sub-Mid Cambrian age were settled hydrothermally. Approximately 450.000 tonnes of 30% Lead-Zinc ore reserve was detected in around 50.000m long drilling works carried out so far at both sites.


Exploration works are underway at Horzum mining site with a total of boring machines, 3 of which are used underground and 3 for surface operations. Exploration activities in Horzum region and nearby mine licences are carried out by means of satellite works, surface geochemistry, mapping, geophysical methods and drilling works. Site and drilling works are supported with 3D programs and are used in exploration/prospecting, ore modelling and production planning. As of 2017, NI43-101 works are underway at Pinargozu site.


Horzum Mining has chosen the quality, trust and improvement as a goal for itself ever since its establishment. Hence, the analyses and measurements are performed in accordance with the quality standards by a team of expert and experienced employees at laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art devices.

Our underground operations employ “Cut-fill” and “packed sub-level caving” methods. The production is carried our semi-mechanically. Ore production is carried out by using underground diggers, underground trucks and various auxiliary machines.


Zinc mining sites are about 1-6 km to the highway and 110 km to Adana. Therefore, the site location has significant advantages in terms of transportation and shipping potentials. All of the mine derived from the plants is transferred by trucks to the ore storage and crushing/screening plant based in Adana, after which it is sent to the Port of Mersin and exported to a number of countries around the world, to Iran in particular.


Horzum Mining is proud to have ore pits with rich reserves,  wide range of heavy equipment and transportation fleet in its possession as well as a team of knowledgeable, talented and experienced employees. Thanks to the investments it has made, Horzum Mining is not only the largest DSO-Zinc producer and sector leader in Turkey but it also aims at having a corner on the global mining sector.

Acting in accordance with the social responsibility principles, Horzum Mining is determined to maintain its contributions to the community and the region in which it is based. Horzum Mining fulfils all of its obligations towards the environment, with its environment-friendly policies in the fields of business and protects the environment by disposing of the wastes generated.


Horzum Mining also contributes in and provides support to the social works in the region it is located. Moreover, Horzum Mining makes a significant contribution to the employment in the region and it is the biggest employment provider of Kozan district.


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