About Us


Regarded as one of the distinguished organisations in our country, thanks to its entrepreneurship activities which began back in the 60s, KURMEL HOLDING incorporates SARAY HALI A.S., a machine-made carpet manufacturer; SARAY TARIM VE HAYVANCILIK A.S. consisting of the breeding & dairy husbandry, forage crop farming, meat and dairy products businesses; AMETAL MADENCILIK A.S. operating in chromium and zinc mining; GUMUSTAS A.S. which produces zinc, lead, gold and silver; AKTAV AKUSTIK A.S. manufacturing sound acoustic equipment and HORZUM MADENCILIK A.S., a Canadian-partnered company, producing zinc and lead.

Our Founder / Chairman

It has been 53 now since we settled in Adana back in 1966 and started the in the mining business in the town of “Karsanti”, today known as “Aladag” on the foothills of Taurus Mountains.


Our 44 years of experience and reliability, philosophy of human and quality-oriented management, great respect to nature and environment, continually improving technology and loyal employees have been the major sources of our power and success.


Thanks to the know-how and the experience our company gained in zinc and chromium mining, the investments we made in the technology, technical staff and technical equipment, we ranked at the top amongst the major mining businesses in Turkey.


As the Mining Holding of Companies, we plan to be a major chromium producer in Turkey, thanks to the projects we will accomplish in the forthcoming years.

SARAY HALI, which started its production in 1972 in Develi, Kayseri and came to these days with a continuous development and successful operations, set its vision as “Remaining as a Global Company” and moves ahead in accordance with that ambition.

In the agriculture and animal breeding sector in which we stepped in professionally for the first time in 1998, we put the forage crop production, breeding & dairy cattle husbandry and stock farming businesses into operation gradually. We grew rapidly through continuous investments and today we managed to offer the consumers safe and quality products as we integrated with the meat and dairy processing plants.


We attach great importance to the further success and growth of these large investments we have made in Turkish agriculture by combining our mental and material strength heartily. That’s because we believe that the growers, breeders and entrepreneurs who observe the operations and have some level of knowledge will turn to modern livestock breeding and scientific agriculture and in this way the agricultural sector will thrive and prosper rapidly in our country

Our primary goal is to create employment opportunities for thousands of people, with our contribution to employment. We will maintain the understanding of a mining business, which respects the social activities, in mutual trust with the local people.


We have always invested what we have earned in our country and in the development of our business. Despite the global economic crisis all across the globe, I deeply believe that our company will continue its operations as before, in a consistent and profitable manner, owing to our investments and effective policies and measures we will implement.




It all started in the mid-60s with a modest mine pit near the small mountain town of Aladag, formerly Karsanti, on the foothills of Taurus Mountains. Necati Kurmel and his cousin Ataman Fedai named their tiny mining Company after “PINAR” with an inspiration from a nearby spring (Pinar). Great efforts and hard work of its entrepreneurs carried the mine of Pinar to the overseas markets in a very short time.


The success of Pinar fuelled Necati Kurmel’s ambitions to grow and diversify its investment objectives. In around mid-70s, Necati Kurmel became one of the shareholders of Saray Hali, the carpet factory of his hometown Develi, after which he preferred to stay out of sight within the next decade but managed to make Saray Hali one of the leading carpet producers in the country thanks to his modest yet effective leadership.


Adopting the motto of investing what he has earned in the business continually, Mr. Kurmel laid the foundations of the enterprise to develop a successful a real estate business by purchasing lands and fields continually since the first days of his career. Backed by an impressive stock of lands well exceeding several thousand acres, which are mainly situated in and around Istanbul, the companies of the Holding move ahead in the business of construction, real estate and building materials.


The Holding also takes pride in its impressive agricultural investments. Saray Tarim ve Hayvancilik A.S. owns modern businesses with a capacity of 40.000 beef cattle and livestock in three locations in Kayseri and Adana. Livestock breeding operation displays an uninterrupted integration from the seeds all the way up to the dining table, as it is linked retrospectively with clover and corn growing to the forage plant; and with the slaughterhouses, meat and milk processing and packaging plants


The Holding is one of the leading enterprises of the mining sector in the country, upon the involvement of AKMETAL Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. also operating in mining of chromium and GUMUSTAS A.S. – a partnership with Dogan (Holding) Group – which prepares to produce zinc, lead , gold and silver, in addition to PINAR Madencilik A.S. which grows and expands continually.

Board of Directors

Necati Kurmel


Setenay Kurmel

Board Member

Mediha Erkal

Board Member

Ezgi Ural

Board Member

Chairman’s Message

Founded in 1967 by Necati Kurmel and operating in the mining, textile, construction, agriculture, stockbreeding operations today, Kurmel Holding managed to become a corporation offering employment to hundreds of people and contributing greatly to the national economy.


Kurmel Holding a strong organisational structure in Turkey owing to the companies Ak Metal Mining, Gumustas Mining, Horzum Mining, Pinar Mining, Esen Mining in mining sector; Saray Hali in textile sector; Saray Tarim ve Hayvancilik in Agriculture and Livestock Sector; AVTAV Acoustics and Construction/real estate in Building Materials sector.


Within the framework of our ongoing activities in different regions of our country, we always aim the future with our quality, reputable, reliable, strong financial structure as ell as our collaborations in international arena.


Thanks to the high energy and reorganisation we initiated among our Holding companies, we have already started major operations that will turn us into an international Holding which will add more value to our Company.

As Kurmel Holding , not only do we take new steps that will carry us to the future, but we also carry on nonstop our reorganizational activities aimed at our group companies.


As Kurmel Holding , we are faithfully and diligently committed to maintain our operations with a view to producing the best in all lines of our business, offering the best to the community and contributing to our national economy and our people.

Vision and Values

Our Vision:

Our companies within Kurmel Holding adopted it a vision to be the world’s market leader, ensure satisfaction beyond the expectations thanks to the products and services it offers to its customers, add high value to the capital of its partners, become an organisation where its employees wish to work primarily and respect the nature.


Our Mission:

To produce reliable, valuable and original products and services that create added-value, meeting the consumers’ expectations, as the first choice of quality-oriented consumers in the mining, textile, agriculture and livestock sectors,


Our values at KURMEL HOLDING;

  • Quality; is the basic principle.
  • Participation; is the goal.
  • Customer; is our priority.
  • Innovation.
  • Training; is a part of life
  • Continuous improvement and development in every subject.
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • To add power to the national industry and economy and to serve as a model in the operations we carry out.